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Maya La Chocolaterie is a unique chocolate bar concept focused on the pure delicacy and passion of serving exquisite chocolate products. From the moment you enter Maya La Chocolaterie you are whisked away with the scent of pure chocolate emitting from the huge chocolate churning drums in the corner, with a full array of chocolate desserts to be served in the shop from fondues to waffles and a wide selection of hot chocolates and cocoa infused teas. Not only is Maya a dessert venue but today you can take a bit of Maya chocolates home with you with the outstanding varieties of pralines, truffles and other chocolates in the retail section.

Maya’s artisan products have been crafted from the finest ingredients carefully selected to enhance and reflect award class quality. All of the ranges are freshly produced locally making it the first premium Bahraini chocolate. Each chocolate mold, praline or truffle are a combination of the finest cocoas, nuts, vanilla, that promise to melt in your mouth to create a true love story.


This molten goodness seems to be able to warm you slowly from the inside out. Take your pick of dip, and make it an ideal excuse to get cozy with someone over a bubbling pot of silky chocolate. Available in Dark, Milk and White chocolate flavours. Sugar free Fondue is available in Dark and Milk chocolate flavours.


If an elixir can be defined as a substance to cure all illnesses, then these Hot Chocolates need a doctor’s prescription. Just one sip from any of these luscious beverages will psychologically free you from all ailments.
Be it the African delights or a selection from the traditional, each emits a strong aroma through the air. They are a treat even before they reach the palate. Flavors include Hot Chocolate, Orange Hot Chocolate, Rose Hot Chocolate, West African Dark, Ghana-Java Blend, Ivory White and Hot Chocolate Crunch. Sugar-free Hot Chocolates are also available.


Our range of exquisite chocolate delicacies are renowned across the world for their luxurious and indulgent flavours. From rich and delicious hot chocolate to the delicate finery of our Decadence Boutique. Our chocolate is churned before your very eyes in our boutique chocolate bars, and transformed into our famous fondues. Go on, indulge yourself!


This is a story of love, of nostalgia, and of a woman who decided to follow her heart… and her taste buds. No one knows when she had the first bite, but chocolates have always fascinated her. Its colour, its texture, the way it felt, the way it melted… but undeniably the way it made her smile. She saw it beyond something edible, to her it was art. A result of a creative process, that began with the planting of the cocoa seeds, and evolving into various shapes of the most delectable options on earth.

She travelled around the world, often finding herself mesmerized in front of some of the most renowned chocolatiers. She returned only to begin a whole new journey. It was a dream to create a brand that was enjoyed by all, that spoke a common language, and that touched every heart. Something pure, with the finest ingredients, made with more than just skill… but with passion. This was the beginning of Maya. You can witness Maya’s sensory delights in a complementary ambience – sensitive and emotional. Every element creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Maya owes its success to an unmatched insight and understanding of its customers’ palates. It’s in their satisfaction that we have realized that Maya is at par with some of the finest chocolatiers in the world.

Her vision for Maya was to go beyond the palate. She wanted to make a difference, with a part of the profits going to charity… touching the lives of many others. Maya - the chocolate for a better world is indeed a delight with many dimensions.


Maya La Chocolaterie was conceptualized and introduced by The Living Concepts Bahrain with the aim of creating an international brand that serves the finest chocolates all produced in the Kingdom of Bahrain. From that moment and with the talents of many young Bahraini companies such as award winning Inoui & Neo-Designs the first Maya La Chocolaterie flag-ship store opened its doors to the public in Bahrain 2007, creating a phenomenon of chocolate life style. Such success lead to the franchise of the brand and opening in both (Qatar & KSA) in 2008-09 respectively.

From that moment the brand skyrocketed in the Middle East to be the top Chocolaterie in the region, and what started as one shop in Bahrain today Maya La Chocolaterie can be found in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and very soon in Lebanon, Kuwait and Oman. With that ambition Maya La Chocolaterie’s aim is to expand within the region and break ground in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and S. America.

Maya La Chocolaterie
Villaggio Mall
Al Aziziyah
Doha, Qatar.
Tel: (974) 4

Landmark Mall

Al Shamal Road, Gharaffa
Doha, Qatar.
Tel: (974) 4486-4767

Cuisine: Belgian Chocolate, Fine Desserts & International Breakfast Dishes
Official Website:

Business Hours: 8am-11pm | FRIDAY 2pm-11pm

Menus: Chocolate & Dessert Menu |
Savory Menu (Coming Soon!)

Cuisine: Belgian Chocolate & Fine Desserts. A few specialties include:


Maya Signature Chocolate Fondue


Rose Hot Chocolate


Peanut Butter Shake


Strawberry Truffle Float


Dark Chocolate Truffle Frappe


Dark Mint Chocolate Truffle Frappe


Maya Vanilla & Cookie Shake


Brownie Mousse Au Chocolate


Cardamom & Milk Chocolate- Mille Feuille


Gateau Framboise


Sweet Banana Waffle




Traditional Babka


Chocolate and Walnut Babka

Modern Amenities: Wi-Fi

Ambiance: Elegant, Contemporary & Friendly

Chocolate Pralines and Truffles are offered for weddings

Yes, offered from 8am-2pm. The breakfast menu includes the Mini Turkey Bagels, Tortilla Wheel, Stuffed Panini, Cheese Platter, Fruit Selection, Vanilla Yoghurt with Granola and the Vanilla & Walnut Waffle.

Outdoor Seating:
 Yes, a lovely outdoor patio seating area is available.

Take-Away Orders:

Reservations: Not required, however can be made for large parties or special occasions.

Children Policies: Children are welcome. Hi-chairs are also available.

Accepts Credit Cards:
Yes, Visa & MasterCard accepted

Gift Cards:
Available upon request

Non-Smoking Areas: Indoor area is entirely non-smoking. An outdoor patio seating area is available for those wishing to smoke.

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street:

Mall garaged parking is available

What to Expect: An elegant and unique cafe that specialize in all types of fine Belgian chocolate. Enjoy the popular Chocolate Fondue, a specialty dessert or shop for gourmet gifts.




Maya La Chocolaterie in Doha, Qatar. Copyright ©

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